--- TECH PROBLEM QUESTIONNAIRE --- (please fill this out)

If you want to solve your problem much more quickly, please include this QUESTIONNAIRE. Copy-and-paste it into your post; then fill it in. (Not needed to report broken links, etc)

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--- TECH PROBLEM QUESTIONNAIRE --- (please fill this out)

Postby AWizardOfAss » Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:52 pm

We know that technical problems can be frustrating, but please don't automatically assume that the problem is at our end. We have hundreds and hundreds of site members who log in and download without problem. Every day!

In 95% of the cases where site members have technical difficulties, the problem is at their end. In 99% of the cases where they turn to us for help, we can solve the issue.

Some customers mistakenly turn to the billing company for technical matters; but the billing company only deals with payments and membership issues. The correct place to turn to for technical problems (other than membership/payment matters) is the site's webmaster.

Looking forward to helping you resolve your tech problems, and fully enjoy the site!

STEP 1 -- Please first read the "Technical page" on the site that you are a member of.

EnemaWizardVideo site members: Go to http://www.EnemaWizardVideo.com/tech.php
SchoolgirlSexPunishment site members: Go to http://www.SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com/tech.php
MyFirstKinkySex site members: Go to http://www.MyFirstKinkySex.com/tech.php

NOTE: Sometimes there's a KNOWN problem that affects one or more of the sites.

STEP 2 -- Please check the GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS on this message board, before reporting tech problems. You might find out there what's going on, and save yourself the time to report the problem. For the General Announcements, you can go directly here.

STEP 3 --
~~~~~~~~~~ TECH QUESTIONNAIRE ~~~~~~~~~~

If you want a faster reply with detailed tech help, please include this QUESTIONNAIRE. Copy-and-paste it into your post; then fill it in.

To help us better assist you, please fill out entirely. NOT TO BE USED FOR BILLING PROBLEMS (see separate entries on this message board.)

- Which site are you on?

- Do you have a current membership to our site?

- Are you on a PC or a Mac?

- What's your operating system? (e.g., "Windows", "Mac" )

- What browser are you using? (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome)

- Are you using a home computer or a computer in a corporate environment?

- What kind of connection do you have to the Internet (e.g., dialup modem, DSL, cable, corporate network)?

- What page(s) on this site does the problem affect? Please give the full URL (copy from the browser window)

- Is the problem new (in other words, the particular feature worked before -- and then stopped working), or has it never worked for you?

- Have you tried accessing the site from a different computer? Did that make any difference?

- Describe *in great detail* exactly what sequence of actions you took (where you clicked, what happened, what messages you got)
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