Do you have a slow Internet connection? (Dialup, etc)

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Do you have a slow Internet connection? (Dialup, etc)

Postby AWizardOfAss » Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:39 pm

Are your downloads slow because of a bottleneck at YOUR end (i.e. your own connection to the Internet is slow -- such as old dialup lines, etc)?

My advice: if possible in your area, invest in DSL or Cable. Failing that, just start a couple of downloads, and leave them running all through the day, or overnight.

In the unlikely event that your long-running downloads always fail, we'll refund you.

Back in the days before high-speed internet, I had no problem joining adult sites (as a customer myself) and downloading the videos. Slow dial-up service didn't stop me from downloading mountains of stuff (gigabytes and gigabytes)!! I simply started the downloads, and left them running as I went about my day, and/or left them running overnight.

Turn the screen off, and electricity usage will be minimal. While the computer is on, you can also put it to good use by running lengthy utility programs, such as disk defragmentation or full anti-virus scans. Or you can do a public service and run distributed-computing science programs, such as Stanford University's Folding@Home (to study proteins, and help advance medicine.)

If privacy is an issue, you can create a separate user account on your computer, password-protect it, and use it for your downloads. Then no one in your household will be able to know what you're up to!

If you have any more questions, please let us know!
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