Change in upper management = MORE GENEROUS sites !!!

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Change in upper management = MORE GENEROUS sites !!!

Postby AWizardOfAss » Sat Feb 28, 2009 1:45 am

Exciting news for you!!

There's been a change in the sites' upper management.

The new management is composed of enthusiasts -- like you and me :mrgreen:

They want sites that they, as surfers themselves, would personally LOVE!

So, they immediately changed course, to be MORE GENEROUS with what's offered on the sites. Concretely:

*) Starting immediately, the sites will start offering more content (a larger number of films and photo sets)

*) The EnemaWizardVideo site will start offering video for the COMPLETE feature films, i.e. both the enema and non-enema portions of the films. The films will be cut into clips (chapters), and you'll have a choice to download all, or whichever you are interested in (the enema scenes is all that was offered in the past.)

*) Except for the occasional re-issue of old films at higher quality, there will no longer be in-and-out rotation of content : all updates will be all-new content.

*) An interactive user-comment section is under development. (UPDATE: it's now in up-and-running!)

*) A blog is has been added. You can hear about upcoming girls even before their films are edited and posted.

*) Full disclosure before you buy! Pages that show you EXACTLY what you'd be getting for each film if you were a member. example . example . You'll find lots of pages like these on the sites -- in fact, one per film!

Yet more good news: even though the content revving up has already started, no change has been made to the price of membership (eventually, the price is expected to go up -- but if you join before that, you'll get locked at the low rate! :D )

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