The Stranger

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The Stranger

Postby Elliot_K_Archer » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:50 am

She’s sitting at the hotel bar alone. Not much time will pass until she’s inevitably greeted by men staying here on business. Her name is Abby. She is a project manager, in town for the next few days while overseeing a new company project she’s been hired to do. Freelance work is always her preference. She says it’s strong, proud work. The excellent self-rewarding career. It gives her strength, as does the heels and black dress she wears. Her lipstick is dark and vibrant. I can see the light reflecting off of their shine. She acts tired, yet awake, sipping her drink.

I watch in anticipation from the booth across the bar, a book in front of me, glancing up from the pages. She is magnificent, dazzling in the center of the room, luring her prey. Her earrings sparkle, blending well with the color of her dress. The choker necklace around her neck shows that she’s mine. It’s the only thing that links our reality to the persona she’s pretending to be tonight.

It isn’t long before a man walks up to claim the seat next to her. I see mouths move and smile, seems like a delightful conversation. He offers to buy her a drink, she shakes her head, smiling in flattery. They talk for a few moments, he continues on his way. One after the other, they come and go, like vultures circling, waiting for the right moment. Take your turns, rats. She isn’t the prey here. You are. She will use you for my enjoyment. All of these players, they don’t even know the stranger sitting here watching you all fail is already the winner. She looks at me quick, sees me admiring her behind my novel, and winks at me, leaving the bar with her key-card in hand. Tonight, I get to be her stranger.

I walk to the bar and close her tab along with mine. My heart races as I approach the elevator. My cock already swelling with warmth. There’s no elevator music, no company, no reflective ceiling. All there is to company me is my thoughts, and my pocket of soft, nylon rope. I can feel it in my hand. I must have been holding it walking in, and I don’t even remember being so prepared already. My loneliness is interrupted by the ding of reaching my floor. My paces are quick and soft down the hall, barely focused on the room numbers. I know exactly where I need to be, the corner room at the end by the window. The dark glow of the hall lights reflect from the glass in the pane, showing myself in my button up and tie. I stop, examine myself, loosen my tie, and slowly approach the door.

My hands are silent and smooth. The door unlocks without a noise as I slide the card out, turn the handle slowly, and peek inside. I hear the shower running. The suit has 3 rooms; the main living room built with a couch and television, bedroom, and bathroom. I have one guess where she is. I sneak up to the bathroom, peek inside to see steam, but nobody behind the foggy glass. I make my way to the bedroom. The door doesn’t creak when I peer inside. There she is. She sits over the bed, taking off her heels, then stands to removes her earrings. I need to move fast.

I slide in behind, grabbing one arm behind her, the other covering her mouth. “I saw you at the bar,” I whisper. Her breath is heavy and panicked. I can feel her heart beating faster and faster as I pace my next words. “I knew I had to have you tonight.”
I pull her in closer to me with one hand, let go of her arm for a brief moment to grab the nearest pillow, and tug off the case. I wrap it in a circle, and in one motion let go of her mouth, pulling the cover over it as a gag. She lets out a quick gasp, not loud or fast enough to yell. Now I have both hands free to grab her arms and pull them behind, using my rope to wrap them together. I make sure they are snug, but not tight enough to hurt her or bruise her arms or wrists. She’s panicking, struggling. She can’t
escape my grasp. It’s cute, she thinks she’s stronger than me.

I grab her hair and pull her in again. I can smell the booze off of her heavy breathing. I whisper again, “You’re mine tonight. You’re going to enjoy this. Do you understand?”
She muffles out a little squeal behind the gag. I tell her to shake her head yes. She does. She’s scared now, knowing I can use her however I like. “I’m going to remove your gag now. Do you understand?” She nods. “If you scream, you’re really going to regret it, do you understand?” She closes her eyes and nods again. “There is no escape. You are my slave. Everything I ask you will be a yes or no question, and every fucking answer better be yes, followed by ‘Sir’, do you understand?” She nods one last time, with fear and passion in her eyes.

I remove the gag, unfolding it slightly to use as a blindfold, and cover her eyes, tying it tight behind her head. I pull back her hair and kiss her neck as she exhausts. Her face is growing red, I know exactly where I want it. Using her hair and her neck, I drag her to her knees.

“Open your fucking mouth.” I say to her. Her lips tremble, hesitant. “Open your mouth, bitch!” I raise my voice, giving her a smack on the ass. She opens wide, maybe not to receive so willingly, but in shock at my hand during her scream. My button and zipper find their way undone, dropping my pants to the floor. I grab her head and pull forward, rubbing my hard cock through the material of my briefs on her face. I want her to feel it. I want her to know exactly what is coming.

“You want this cock?” I ask. She’s too terrified to speak. Time for another slap.

“Yes!” She cries.

“Yes, what?!” I yell back.

“Yes, Sir, I want your co...”

With that my cock is out, in her mouth before she can finish her sentence. “That’s my good slut. You’re going to be a good girl and suck that dick for me to release you, you get that?” She nods and muffles, her mouth full of me. I pull out fast, spit and precum drool off her tongue.

“What do you say when I let you breathe?” I shout.

“Thank you sir,” she says through muffled sobs, a few tears running her mascara down her cheeks, looking beautiful. I slap her face with my hard cock. She’s drenched in spit, like a good little whore. I go back in, all the way down, I can feel the back of her throat. She drools, spits, tongues me. I make sure it’s messy, running down to her tits and dress. She loves it. There’s something incredible about her choosing my cock over oxygen. Even if she did have a choice, I’d be in her deep regardless.

“That’s my good slut. Mmmmm. I’m ready to use you more.” I pick her up to her feet, spin her around, and force her to the bed, making sure her legs are apart and her ass up in the air. I lift her dress, give her another smack inside her thighs, forcing them open, and pull her tied hands closer to me as my love handle.

“Oh fuck,” she says loudly. Oh no, we won’t be having that. I take off my tie and put it in her mouth. She needs permission to speak. Wider I spread her legs, moving my hands up to her pussy. I see it dripping. I feel its wetness. I need a taste, I can’t help myself. I lean in, on my back, looking up at my prize. The first lick sends jolts through her body, I can tell this has built up the entire night. The taste is sweet. It fills my tongue with every lick. I can hear her moans. I suck her clit. I finger inside, rubbing her roof, using a “come-here” motion to bring her closer into my mouth. I suck, and massage with my tongue. She tries to speak. I know what she is asking.

“No,” I say. “Not yet.” I pull away from her pussy and kneel behind her. I rub my head against her lips. I can feel her drip. She’s ready. She’s been ready. I slide in, feeling her kegels have been working. She’s so tight, I feel her stretch. I feel her body pulsing for more as I go deeper. About halfway in, I pull out and rub her clit with it, one last tease. Without any longer hesitation, I push her back down onto the bed, holding her, and slide myself all the way in one thrust. She moans louder than I have heard her in a while. She’s needed her Sir’s cock. I move gently, in and out. I go harder, faster. She’s mine to use tonight, so there’s no more seducing. I smack her ass. I reach forward and pull her hair back, tiling her head up. She’s screaming. I reach forward again, taking out the tie from her mouth. I want to hear her.

“Fuck!” She yells. Fuck me, Sir!”

“You like that dick?” I reply. “You like being Sir’s fuck toy?” I don’t need a reply. I know
what’s next.

“Can I cum please?” She shouts. “Can I cum now?”

“No.” I pull out, grabbing her neck as I walk around. “Suck it off.”

She opens, she sucks. I hold her hair firmly, letting her mouth hang open as I thrust. I want to see her. All of her. I remove the blindfold, her eyes looking up at mine, showing where her attention is.

“Good girl,” I say, petting her hair. I pull out again, she breathes. My cock is on her face, parading its territory. She licks my testicles, never receiving enough. I think it’s time.

Once more, I find my way behind her ass. Fast and hard I use her hole. She can’t take any more, I can tell the way her body squirms and trembles.

“Cum for me.” I whisper. “Cum for me now.”

She cries out as her legs shake, almost collapsing. I hold her up with her tied arms, still pounding. She wants to escape and ride out the orgasm. I don’t let her. I keep going, pumping more and more fluid out of her with every thrust. I can feel is dripping down myself, sprinkles on my knees and thighs. After I’m satisfied, I let her pull away, falling onto the bed, burying her head in the pillow, shaking.

I quickly undo her hands and rip off her dress. I flip her over onto her back, she shakes, still cumming, as I slide in her again.

“Oh fuck me!” She yells. I put my hand over her mouth, leaning in to stare at her as I push my hips to hers over and over again. Her breath is heavy through her nose, her eyes begin to roll back, her nails in my flesh, I know she’s cumming again. She tries to scream louder, I cover her mouth tighter. I slow down so she can catch her breath, releasing her mouth, and sucking her amazing tits.

“Thank you sir,” she mutters, gasping for air.

“Who’s orgasm was that?”

“Yours, sir.”

“Who made you cum?”

“You did, Sir.”

“Are you my slut?”

“I’m yours, sir.”

I move her hands up, standing from the bed, and pull her to her feet. She can barely stand. Her weight is on me, as I bring her to the living room couch. I sit, coffee table in front of me. She goes to ride me.

“Clean me first,” I demand, grabbing my cock.

“Yes, Sir.” She kneels again, slurping every bit of moisture off of my hard cock. She
claws at my chest climbing up, and releasing back down when in position. I don’t let her. I grab her ass and keep bringing it up, bringing her to my face. She’s received all of her flavor, I want more. Her pussy sits on my mouth, soaking my chin. I look up at her, peering into her eyes over her breasts as she looks down, open-mouthed. I pull her ass in, shoving as much of her into my mouth as possible.

I stop sucking momentarily. “Cum for me,” I command before eating my meal again. She does, she squirts, she soaks me. I love it. Immediately, I pull her down, and slide her pussy around my dick, filling her. I pull her up and down, guiding her body with her tits as controllers. I thrust. She screams. I push her body back, her hands leaning behind her, resting on the table, propping her up right. I thrust, one hand on her breast, the other rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“Do you want your Sir’s cum?” I ask.

She pants heavily, continuously getting more and more wet with the though. “Cum for me, Sir! Cum on your slut!”

I pick her up, set her on her knees in one motion on the floor, and stroke my cock above her. She looks up, opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue, looks at me with longing, wanting eyes. I feel it build, she rubs my balls gently, and I give her my built up load, pearly white, strands shooting on her face, mouth, and chest. She smiles, hears me moan and see me shake. She’s a mess. She’s my mess.

Her smile is gratitude. She knows she did this, showered in glory, decorated in reward. She sucks out the rest, watching my spasms with every lick and suck on my sensitive head. She opens her mouth and shows me. I use my cock to push the remaining from her face to her mouth. With one sexy tongue-full, she swallows, and shows me again her open mouth, empty and satisfied.

This was her fantasy. To be used by a stranger. She thanks me, we clean up, and I use her real name. I bring her to bed.

We lay in entanglement, light-headed and sweaty, still catching our breathe. We discuss the events, if any boundaries were crossed, if there were limits I should have pushed harder, and laugh at the ridiculous pick up lines she heard at the bar earlier. I rub her back, caress her, kiss her, and hold her until she’s asleep. Once I am fully secure that she is comfortable and out of her fantasy, I go to bed as well. Checkout is at noon.
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