YOUR first time seeing giving or getting an enema

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YOUR first time seeing giving or getting an enema

Postby crazychris » Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:09 am

hey i want to hear about you people's first time giving getting or seeing someone get an enema. id like to hear as detailed as you be willing to give, and what you thought at the time.

Re: YOUR first time seeing giving or getting an enema

Postby shykatie » Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:50 pm

i'm 20, now almost 21. and my first enema happened not so long ago!!
i had been curious about enemas for a long time, but never tried them. then i was talking to a male friend of mine about the constipation i was having at that time... he was just passing through town, and we were scheduled to go on a camping trip. he suggested giving me an enema.

i was hugely embarrassed, even at the thought of it :oops: yet somewhat turned on as well. he was persistent, and he certainly made a good argument about dealing with my bad constipation BEFORE the camping trip. so, he coaxed me!!

he used just an ordinary red bag from the store, and the plastic nozzle that came with it. how did i feel about the enema? the enema felt surprisingly good! but receiving it from my friend felt dizzingly embarrassing, and i mustve blushed as red as a tomato!! he put some towels on the floor in the bathroom, next to the tub, and instructed me to kneel, leaning against the tub. then he raised my skirt and lowered my panties. he lubed up my asshole with a little kitchen oil, USING HIS FINGER!!! then he inserted the nozzle, and gave me the full bag of warm water.

the hardest part was the expulsion. it felt very very good to release, but my friend lingered in the bathroom, rinsing the bag, washing his hands, picking up the towels, etc etc. i was too shy to directly ask him to leave... sitting on the toilet, i tried to hold my water until he left, but just COULDN'T hold anymore. and, then, there i was, expelling water and poop, with loud sounds, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FRIEND!!! :oops: :oops: :oops:

we never talked about the enema during our camping trip, which went well. i still shiver at the thought of the embarrassment! but strangely, i found myself fantasizing about it while masturbating.

i felt kind of weird about that... and then i researched enemas on the internet, and found this site! i realize now that many people use enemas for erotic purposes... i read the stories on this board, and even watched some of the enema films linked on this site... i'm not quite ready to use crazy giant nozzles while tied up upside down, like some of the girls on the site LOL but i now give myself enemas from time to time, while masturbating... and i've come to the conclusion that enemas nicely supplement my trusty vibrator!!! :)
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Re: YOUR first time seeing giving or getting an enema

Postby Humiliated » Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:35 am

This is the first time I had an enema from somebody I knew and it was humiliating. I was admitted to a hospital for out patient diagnostic tests. The hospital required an enema. After I was given a room and a short but typical hospital gown, a nurse came in, took my vital signs and told me an enema was necessary and someone would be in soon. It was humiliating to see that the nurse who came in to administer the enema was a casual friend I've know for years. While she was very proper, it was humiliating to be in the knee chest position with my legs spread so that nothing was hidden while the enema was administered. Then she gave me a bed pan and remained while I used it. It couldn't get worse.

Re: YOUR first time seeing giving or getting an enema

Postby redfaced » Mon May 19, 2014 9:10 am

My first enema was when I was 16 & spending the summer with an aunt & uncle. I was very constipated and the doctor told my aunt to give me some enemas. The downstairs neighbors were two nurses. My aunt asked if either of them would do it. they came after work had me get undressed and kneel on all fours. It was exciting and embarrassing. I didn't know what to do when they began the enema. As soo as it was finished I ran to the bathroom. Coming back they told me I had to hold it. They gave me a second enema and put something in my to prevent a leak while I held it. it was so embarrassing. my aunt had them repeat it every two weeks for the summer.

Re: YOUR first time seeing giving or getting an enema

Postby Annette » Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:15 am

The first time I saw an enema it was being given to my husband. He was in for outpatient tests. A bourse came in and did all the usual pre-Kim's. She asked if I was his wife and when I said yes she said you can stay. She made him roll over on his stomach so she could do a rectal temperature. Hat was kind of fun to see.she said he'd need at least two enemas-one or more to clean him out and a final as a rinse. She left and returned with the equipment. She had him on all fours with his head on the bed. What a view. He groaned when she inserted finger to lubricate him. Then she worked the nozzle in and he squirmed and groaned. I was surprised to find myself enjoying this. It was even more exciting when the water went in. He ran to the bathroom and returned semi nude and erect. Several more enemas ended his erections but got me very wet, I hope he needs more enemas soon.

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