Any new content?

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Any new content?

Postby bajabob » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:08 pm

Hey! I love the websites but I'm just wondering if there will ever be any new videos?.. I have watched literally everything.. It would be a shame for this company to die

Re: Any new content?

Postby Nympha (Site Webmistress) » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:00 pm

Well, it's not just our studio that is affected - it's the WHOLE INDUSTRY. When some 90% of the former income evaporates, it's MAJOR CRISIS territory :cry:

Nowadays, most sites across the industry are more on less on auto-pilot, or in a hibernating state.

When revenues become too small, many sites have no choice but to just use that trickle to pay for hosting and maintenance - and that's the end of it.

Other sites - including us - have been nimble and careful enough to also squeeze in a few extras, such as continued customer support (at times sluggish - I apologize!!), light marketing and a small amount of site development (more details below.)

But to actually make new films, it takes more than trickle revenues.

Look at the math: for example, the "classic" films from our studio, A Wizard of Ass, were made on a budget of about $5,000. If a site has 100 active members, it's thoroughly unrealistic to make any more films; on the other hand, if a site has 10,000 active members, then shooting more films becomes quite doable.

The moral of the story is that being "site members" is a way for film lovers to band together and make new films possible.

Hopefully, some day the public will realize that "films don't grow on trees" - and that without money, no new films can be made: as simple as that! :? Even companies like us, historically driven more by enthusiastic fetishists than people who care about money, simply cannot perform miracles!

Free content, either free handouts or pirated content, is something that everyone of course enjoys... but it's just not SUSTAINABLE - especially in the context of fetish films. If all you care to watch is plain vanilla fucking, well, then there are probably enough films out there to last for the rest of your life... but that's definitely NOT the case with complex fetish scenes.

In the long term, fetish lovers will probably run out of movies to watch... and then it'll dawn on them that if they want new content they must support the studios.

Incidentally, thank you for your appreciation :D

Our studio is still very much in business: we simply shrink and expand based on the income. Our main focus lately has been to band together with other quality studios, and offer everything in one convenient location, with advanced information technology (such as search/filter) to help people personalize the site to their unique taste:

Also, we've been in the process of re-capturing our "classic" films from tape, to re-master them in Higher Quality, and without the censorship that was forced on them when they first came out. If we had the funding to have a few full-timers on staff, re-mastering the 150 films made from our studio could be a matter of a few months; but when it's being done by a few part-timers, it takes years. There are no shortcuts: with little money, everything takes (much) longer, and so much less can be done.
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