faucet enemas?

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faucet enemas?

Postby analmistress » Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:20 am

I just wanted to say, that we used to live in a house, where the bathtub faucet could be inverted (twisted upside down),
and it also had a very small spout, so when I
took a shower, or bathed, I would run the warm water, just light enough, and twist the faucet, and be able to lean against it, just right, and it could be inserted just about 1 inch, to give me a perfect enemas!

I would let it flow, until I felt full, then, I would wait, and hold it, until I couldn't hold it anymore, then, I turned off the water, and grabbed a towel, and the toilet was just beside the tub, so, I could let it all out, and empty!
It was fun, and it felt so good! That's when I started to love the feeling of something going into my bottom!

Re: faucet enemas?

Postby chica » Sat Nov 12, 2011 5:01 pm

i want a faucet like that! :) but after the first round of enemas, i would probably not bother relocating to the toilet, when the tub is right under me... :oops:
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Re: faucet enemas?

Postby Andy9inch » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:48 am

Hi. I'm just curious to know what country you in and if you would like a playmate with an arse fetish? Andy x
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