Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

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Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

Postby rich_syd » Fri May 29, 2009 12:18 am

I know many young women are abhorred and reluctant -- and will downright refuse to let ANYONE, including medical personnel, stick a rectal thermometer up their ass and take their temperature.

I do know a number of young women, who have had it done during hospital stays or at ER visits or in their college infirmaries and, though they were not particularly thrilled, permitted the nurse or other care giver to take their temperatures in their rectums.

As for those, still challenged by this procedure, and I will admit, it is embarrassing and humiliating, and not only to young females, but to young men as well; how does a young rectal temperature devotee convince a reluctant young lady acquaintance, to lay down, let her panties be pulled down, have her cheeks spread, and have her ass probed with a rectal thermometer?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

Postby dude1 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:10 pm

i had similar issues with my girlfriend, who was being uptight (no pun intended hehe) about having her rectal temp taken...

what worked in our case was to relax her by first getting her comfortable with her VAGINAL temp taken... which of course was sexy on its own :D

after a while, she finally let me "upgrade" from vaginal to rectal :mrgreen:

Re: Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

Postby tanyalovesbdsm » Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:35 pm

first, you ease her into a sizable butt plug. then the thermometer will be hardly noticed!!! :twisted:
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Re: Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

Postby trivalleymom » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:37 am

Hello there! I am a Mom in the East Bay, and I have just recently tried this (rectal thermometers) for the first time. Although I am happily married, I have taken a lover who is smitten with Doctor/Patient play and has been adamant from the beginning about taking my tempurature.

I think perhaps your problem with this question is it brings up time of being ill and not feeling well and that is certainly NOT the right time to think about anal play or sexual feelings. Perhaps bringing it up during foreplay when things are hot and heavy.....perhaps not calling it a "thermometer" early on, maybe just mentioning some "play back there". Then as your scenario's progress, she will learn to not only like, but encourage and LOVE this type of play. If she only attributes her rectal temp taken to sickness or illness, it may not be too glamorous.

I have had this done for the first time recently and have not only fallen in love with the sensation but now even asked for and encouraged it during play with my lover. Our first time together he drew me a bath and washed me lovingly with long strokes. Then dried me off to lead me into the bedroom all nice and warm. Here he laid me down and softly stroked my back and legs to help me relax, then he told me softly in my ear "Daddy is going to take your temp baby girl, to see what he needs to do to make you feel better".

I was not even thinking about much other than feeling relaxed. He adorned his medical gloves and some KY and gently spread my cheeks.....he lubed up my little hole and placed the tip of his finger slowly inside before placing the cold thermometer inside for my temp. It felt amazing! He slid it in and out slowly and twisted it about.....very playful! I didn't want him to stop.....this lead to more anal play and even a butt plug when I have never even tried ANYTHING! I can't wait for my next visit. So rest assured my friend, it can happen for you too with a little imagination and a whole lot of patience!

Re: Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

Postby shykatie » Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:47 pm

i'm curious about many things, but i find it hard to actually do them :oops:
trivalleymom, stories like yours help me a lot... thanks for sharing it! what else have you been doing, or plan to do!, with this hot "lover who is smitten with Doctor/Patient play"?? :D
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Re: Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

Postby melanie » Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:55 pm

shykatie, I've sometime felt like you... what works best for me is to have an experienced lover who knows what he (or she, i'm bi) is doing, and does it confidently and gently, without unnecessary discussions.
for example, for the rectal thermometer, which is not a big fetish for us, but we occasionally do it... here's how he did it. got me all excited with some masturbation, while i was lying in a comfortable position, such as belly down on the bed, or on my side. then he just slipped a well-lubed finger up my ass. then he replaced it with a thermometer.

doing it, is often easier than "thinking too much about doing it"!!! provided, of course, that your partner is: 1) skilled ; 2) confident ; 3) gentle :)

Re: Convincing young woman to take thermometer in her rectum

Postby lovelovelove » Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:36 pm

Hot share !!
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